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Decentralized Network of Local Specialists

Our privacy specialists have created relationships with regional experts from all over the world. Such experts monitor trends, grass roots movements, laws and policies before they come into effect.   Although we are only based in Panama and Hong Kong – the two largest ports in the world - we exchange our services by forming offshore IBCs for Lawyers, Accountants and Registrants in all major Offshore and High Tax jurisdictions.


Our operating systems allow clients the flexibility to implement quick changes before the inevitable comes into effect. Proprietary, computerized platforms allow for cost-effective yet flawless processing of the extensive documentation needed to lawfully operate an offshore structure.

Defensible, Auditproof success of any offshore structure starts with a flawless implementation in the country of residence where the authorities expect to maximize their revenues even at the social expense of violating their taxpayers’ legal rights.

Once this feat is in place, the choice of offshore heavens becomes obvious.  We encourage our clients to begin with a financial housekeeping in their countries of residence.  We provide reliable references if they lack connections to competent local professionals offering cost effective solutions.


In today's unpredictable international environment, we can expect that desperate predators will invent new schemes to encumber revenues and put claims against assets. The only certainty is that whatever works today may not work tomorrow.

On the bright side, recent technological developments are creating opportunities that never before were possible.

There is much optimism amongst the well informed entrepreneurs who operate from the comfort of their home while participating in ventures that will be materializing in emerging markets located in the most remote regions of the globe.

Today's decisions, however, must be based on anticipated future conditions. Local successes are becoming inevitably ephemeral. Sustained financial security can only be achieved through strategically planned offshore structures that allow the flexibility to implement rapid changes.

In today's dynamic economic environment, it is not wise to stash cash in an offshore bank.

Given the plethora of opportunities to multiply cash holdings, the biggest obstacle to an entrepreneur is getting accurate facts and consulting with the right individuals before getting involved with an investment or business.






Instead of validating ourselves by creating vested interests in a particular country, bank, edifice, industry, corporation or legal conglomerate, our private network has chosen to make a commitment to the success of our clients and their communities. 

This is a confusing period of information overload that is freely dispensed by 'experts' or organizations with vested interests.

Success depends on discovering the real opportunities and getting the correct facts that lead to the right decisions.  Our clients have found that we are uniquely poised to support them in getting the right facts so they can forge full speed ahead while counting on our private network to sound the alarms on time for them to materialize maximum gains from their planned exit strategies.

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Our clients get immediate updates (like the warning about the Cyprus cash grab). If you'd like to be notified of such catastrophic events, you can join to receive our special warning newsletters. Email us!