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International Economy

Hidden Booming Economy

international economyFew individuals have managed to escape from the programming that places most people in a mental prison waiting for doomsday scenarios or miraculous government bailouts.  Some pioneers, however, recognize that we live during an era of such magnificent opportunities that have never before been available to humanity.

During an interesting experiment, a researcher placed a number of fleas within a glass jar.  After a few tries, the fleas were jumping out of the jar.  Then, the researcher placed a lid on the jar.  The fleas, while attempting to jump out, would bounce against the lid.  After a while, in order to avoid hitting the lid, the fleas started jumping up to about ¼ inch below the lid.  When the fleas got used to jumping low, the researcher removed the lid again.  Miraculously, the fleas continued to jump just high enough so that they would remain imprisoned within the jar. There is a striking resemblance between the behavior of the fleas and the economically devastated individuals that see no way out.  

Nowadays, the internet enables anyone to conduct research that before would have cost thousands of dollars and many months of studying, travelling and correspondence.  The same goes for due diligence.  Twenty years ago, such opportunities were only available to large multinational corporations or the very affluent.

The opportunities for low cost solutions to business problems extend beyond the internet.  New, inexpensive tools, technologies, computer programs and information enable a small business to spend a few hundred dollars and accomplish what was previously available only to multimillion dollar businesses.  As one example, we can look at the handheld hi-definition cameras and desktop editing systems that used to cost millions of dollars.  Now pretty much everyone can afford to make simple but good quality videos describing their business.  These videos can be broadcast free of charge in platforms like YouTube at absolutely no cost.  Simple, Do-It-Yourself web site design templates, search engine optimization techniques and pay-per-click advertising networks make it possible for SOHO businesses to compete on an equal footing with huge conglomerates.

Networking offers infinite possibilities for growth not only locally but also globally.  Near perfect information makes it risky to be the “bad guy” so everyone has to play by the rules if they want to remain successful in the long run.  With reviews, ratings and assessment systems in place, the good professionals have excellent prospects for developing their businesses.  Advances in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Cloud computing allow the formation of large groups of independent entrepreneurs, working from their home offices in different parts of the world, to pool their resources and share costs while forging gigantic alliances that deliver results with efficiencies unmatched by any multinational corporation.  Teamwork is the wave of the future and it can achieve miracles as we’ve seen with the 5-people Wikipedia team displacing the legendary Encyclopedia Britannica, or Linux subordinating IBM.

Many people now realize that the problem is not with the economy but with the movers and shakers that have focused on maximizing their share of the profits rather than offering the best they can in an environment of healthy competition.  Like the jumping fleas, many citizens, overwhelmed by the stronghold of their dishonest government officials, cannot see a way out of this mess.  Yet the solutions are many and varied for those that are capable of riding the waves of the social changes and the new economics.  Today’s citizens have all the necessary tools to restrain their politicians and the controlled mass media that is putting them into power.  A few people are recognizing this obvious fact and many more will follow in the next few months.  Positive changes implemented lawfully and without violence will soon be inevitable.

New Age is not only about affluent baby boomers sipping lattés on their way back from the Yoga studio.  During our millennium, we are starting to see an emerging universality consciousness that a few years ago was only experienced by mystics and other highly spiritual people.   Psychic phenomena are becoming common as we begin to feel our connection with each other, the animals, the environments and even the plants, the earth and the universe.  As crime and wars are getting out of control, we have come to the realization that nobody can be rich, secure and happy if our neighbors are ill, hungry and homeless.  The advent of the much anticipated New Age is initiated by the fleas that are beginning to learn that they can jump out of the jar.