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Where will the new fortunes be made?  The USA, Europe, China, Africa or Latin America?  In what industries will these new fortunes be made?  On the internet, Real Estate, Stock Market, trading, Agricultures, Energy, Natural Resources?

A large percentage of people believe that the international economies will continue deteriorating.  Since people’s expectations – positive or negative – tend to shape the economy, such a belief will inevitably become a self fulfilling prophecy.

News broadcasts are announcing daily that more and more people are losing their jobs and the banks are foreclosing on millions of houses.  All these bad news are not conducive to building confidence for investors buying homes, investing in the stock market or starting new businesses.  Those that haven’t lost all their money yet are holding on to their cash because they are reluctant to invest in real estate, the stock market or a small business.

Cash in the bank burns a hole in the savvy investors’ pockets because they see that the irresponsible fiscal policies and diminishing resources will almost certainly shrink the value of their money.

Gold could have been a good option but we should all remember that in 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt, under Executive Order 6102, made it illegal for anyone to own more than $100 worth of gold.  Citizens had to turn in their gold in exchange for paper money.  The ban was not lifted until legislation was signed in 1974 by President Gerald Ford.

In spite of the prevailing pessimism, pioneers believe that the world is at the cusp of significant advances that will raise the international standard of living.  Panama provides an excellent base for bold entrepreneurs to maintain key positions in market niches, fresh-new industries and emerging economies not yet contaminated by the economic games that impoverished many citizens of the USA and some European nations. 

Panama’s offshore laws, the robust banking sector and a solid commercial and communication infrastructure enables our investors to work with us and identify opportunities in areas that are immune to the problems of the international economies.  In the next few years some investors will amass  great fortunes as we’ll see in the developed nations thousands of businesses closing down, millions of people out of work, sharp declines in Real Estate values, fraud infested stock markets, banks without liquidity and currencies that are collapsing.   

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