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Panama Bank Account

Clients ask:

Why is Panama Offshore Worldwide the only group that offers Free Assistance with opening a Panama Bank Account?

The answer is:

Panama Banks Do Not Require an Introduction

Some banks would even pay a commission for referrals of good clients that meet all the requirements in their extensive "wish lists".

The real question then should be:

Why should any law firm charge for scoring brownie points with the banks?

We don't charge you any fees for bank account introduction and assistance unless you need:

  • Same Day Bank Account Opening
  • Bank Accounts Outside of Panama that Offer an Extra Layer of Security and Protection
  • Accounts with Banks that Have Lower Requirements
  • Our Credit-Worthy Directors
  • Anonymous Debit or Credit Cards

The bank account is the heart of your offshore structure. If you approach the wrong bank or make an error in the set up of the account or you provide unnecessary information, many doors would be permanently closed and the whole offshore setup could become an exercise in futility. For all these good reasons it should be YOU that must require the introduction, and not the Banks.

Free Advice by the Top Experts

With over 35 years of offshore banking experience, we are Panama's veritable International Bank Account Experts. Our world class expertise allows us to offer you several solutions for operating your offshore businesses, protecting your assets and saving on your taxes. The only stipulation is that your account cannot be used for financing terrorism or laundering money.

We know how to say YES
when most lawyers will only know how to tell you NO

Requirements for Opening a Bank Account in Panama

To open a bank account, most Banks in Panama require the following for the directors, owners and signing officers of the corporation:

  • A copy of your Passport.
  • A copy of a second ID showing your address (like a Drivers License or a Health card).
  • A copy of a utility bill showing your address.
  • A Bank Reference Letter.
  • A Reference Letter from a Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer, Registered Real Estate Broker or Insurance Agent.
  • A Visit to Panama for an interview with the bank.
  • Tax Returns or other Proof of Income.


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