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Anonymous Panama Corporation

Anonymous Panama Corporation

An anonymous Panama corporation is different than a regular Panama corporation because in this case, we provide nominee directors. With this option, your personal information is not available in any government records, but you are still able to maintain full control of your corporation. The nominee directors have no control and can be replaced at any time. 

This type of corporation is a good choice if your objective is to save taxes or protect your assets. The actual owner of this corporation is not registered in any public records. Ownership of the corporation is established with notarized Nominal Shares (but not publically Registered) and the shareholders have the absolute authority to control the directors, officers and assets of the corporation. The designated signing officer (must be different than the publically registered Directors, President, Secretary or Treasurer) is operating with a Power of Attorney that is only given to banks operating in jurisdictions under strict secrecy laws. Therefore, the identity of the signing officer cannot be revealed and is protected by law bearing criminal consequences for the bank officials if they attempt to release any private information. 

The secrecy laws do not protect politicians and high ranking bureaucrats who have defrauded their countries and are hiding funds that have been embezzled.  The banks have regulations against accepting such funds.  Similarly, banks are strictly forbidden from accepting funds from the sale of arms, narcotics and the proceeds of other criminal activities.  The Panama Papers scandal was about these type of illegal activities that are an infinitesimal proportion of the millions of law abiding investors and business people who merely take advantage of asset protection laws.

You do not need to travel to Panama to form an offshore corporation. We prefer chatting directly with our clients via email or live chat, which is why we request all the required info at after payment has been completed to expedite the process as much as possible.

With an Anonymous Panama Corporation, your personal info will not be available anywhere in the government's public registry, which is why it is our simplest service. All we need is:

  • Your name
  • Desired name of the corporation

After that, you'll consult with one of our Senior Offshore Analysts to devise a strategy and decide on the best bank for your needs.


  • A local address
  • A resident agent
  • Nominee Directors and Subscribers
  • Minutes with English translation
  • Nominee Directors & Subscribers Resignations
  • A power of attorney to control your corporation
  • Share certificate

Annual Renewal Fee: $680

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