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Regular Panama Corporation

Regular Panama Corporation

A regular Panama company may be an indicated option if the anonymity is not important or in cases of acquisition of fixed assets in Panama or when operating local businesses.

You must provide the name, address and passport copies of the directors (president, secretary and treasurer). According to Panama law, at least three directors are required. An individual of any nationality or country of residence may serve as director and may also occupy one, two or three positions of manager. In this way, a minimum of three individuals must be provided for the formation of this entity.

Make your corporation anonymous for an additional $ 300
For an anonymous corporation we also provide
  • The Directors
  • Resignations signed by the directors
  • Power of attorney for total control of your corporation
Anual Renewal Fee: $650



  • A local address
  • A resident agent
  • First minutes in English and Spanish
  • Subscribers Resignations
  • Share certificate

Annual Renewal Fee: $500

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A Panama Corporation is the least expensive and simplest form of incorporating and it is recommended for real estate transactions in Panama when anonymity is not mandatory. An anonymous Panama Corporation keeps the owners of the corporation invisible while giving to a designated individual the absolute power of attorney to conduct all the necessary business of the corporation.


Regular Panama Corporation comes with free assistance in opening a Panama bank account

You do not need to travel to Panama to form an offshore corporation. We prefer chatting directly with our clients via email or live chat, which is why we request all the required info at after payment has been completed to expedite the process as much as possible.

The required info for opening a Panama Corporation is:

  • Name, address, and passport copies for the 3 directors
  • Desired positions of each officer and director (which person will be the Secretary, Treasurer, and President)
  • Desired corporation name

After that, you'll consult with one of our Senior Offshore Analysts to devise a strategy and decide on the best bank for your needs.