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Panama Foundation

Panama Foundation

A Panama Foundation is the ideal component of an Asset Protection strategy to maintain absolute invisibility of your property and related financial transactions. The Panama Foundation is not suitable for conducting continuous business activities but it is an ideal Asset Protection vehicle for holding real estate, other assets and corporations that are conducting profitable business activities. The Panama Foundation has tremendous flexibility, requires a minimum amount of registered documentation, has no owner and the individual who has full control of all transactions and activities does not appear in any public records.

You do not need to travel to Panama to form a Panama Foundation. We communicate directly with our clients via email or live chat.

With a Panama Foundation, your personal info will not be available anywhere in the government's public registry. All we need is:

  • Your name
  • Desired name of the foundation

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  • Founder.
  • Counciil members.
  • Local address, Resident Agent.
  • Sample Wishes Letter.
  • Original charter of the foundation.
  • Protective Agreement in English and Spanish.

Annual Renewal Fee: $700

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