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Why us

30 + Years with Thousands of Success Stories



    Under complete secrecy, we served a Canadian Health Care Foundation by forming our first structure that consisted of entities in the Barbados, Cayman Islands and Dutch Antilles. The nickname for this structure was “a Dutch Sandwich”. It marked the start of a long series of success stories. Back then, we worked by referral, accepted only large clients and our consulting fees started from $25,000 plus expenses.





    We started servicing medium sized businesses that were expanding into international markets. We provided full service consulting in International Marketing, Offshore Asset Protection and Tax Shelters.







    We added the Service of Business and Real Estate Financing. The offshore services group still wasn’t accepting new clients.






    The Offshore business started going into the mainstream and our group started accepting new clients without referrals.




    The same time the online Offshore Industry started exploding, our group developed the website






    Blockchain technologies emerged as recognized alternatives to existing banking solutions and we expanded our International Marketing services to include the formation of diversified, digital collaboration communities.






    This year will go down in History as the Year of Bitcoin and BlockChain. Our group continues developing decentralized networks of blockchain based technologies that are using Smart Contracts to resolve Privacy and Trust issues of diversified digital collaboration communities.

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We are Widely Recommended Because We Offer

why choose our service

  • Access to senior analysts with years of East Asian, Central & Latin American, US, Canadian and European business experience.
  • Licensed Accountants in Hong Kong and Lawyers in Panama working in collaboration with tax specialists, in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the USA, most Latin American and European countries including Russia as well as China, India and Singapore.
  • Simplified trade mark and copyright protection systems to validate your offshore structure and guard your intellectual property.
  • Representatives on site at Panama’s government registry and the Immigration Office.
  • The option for Audit-proof paper trail with minimal accounting expense for the US residents/citizens and EU passport holders.
  • To clients only, free assistance in opening their bank accounts in Panama.
  • Secure payment processing via gateways for e-Checks, credit cards, e-Wallets, wire transfers, and more.
  • 24/7 availability for live chat and phone consultations for everyone.



  1. You will Immediately get Guidance and learn how to Guard your Privacy & Protect what's Legally yours.

    There is no charge, for phone calls (toll-free from Canada and the USA as well as our Live Chat, email and Skype to answer any questions).  Our promotional strategy is to nurture educated clients who feel comfortable to work with us.    

    We will guide you to secure ways to protect your assets and legally minimize your exposure to taxes

    During our discussions, we take initiatives to recommend the most cost effective solutions. For example, if the client wants to incorporate for the sole purpose of avoiding the Panamanian capital gains tax, we will advise against paying us the extra up-front and yearly fees for directors.

    Our close collaboration leads our clients to fast and cost effective solutions while it also benefits us with referrals and repeat business.

    Clients with complicated issues involving audits, heightened security and privacy, or high transaction volumes, may arrange for in-office personal visits with renowned international experts.  In such cases, a three hour minimum applies at rates that are lower than those normally invoiced within the practice jurisdictions of the consulting accountants, tax attorneys and other experts.

  2.  You’ll use the same Asset Protection Systems as the Multinationals but with our assisted DIY system, your Costs will be much Lower.

    Not too long ago, only the elite or the multinational conglomerates could afford going offshore. It has now become a necessity for almost every citizen to offer his family the flexibility to legally protect their lifetime savings and save taxes on their hard earned income. We provide many solutions to suit everyone's needs and budget but there is not one best solution for everyone. To help you make the right choices, we offer individualized consultations at no cost or obligation.
  3. You’ll Get the Facts to Make the Right Decisions.

    It's OK to listen to the experts but they make mistakes, or have vested interests that can disorient you from what is really happening on the streets and market places. Continue reading the Wall Street Journal and listening to CNN but also register to receive our individualized blogs and get a much different perspective from places that aren't on the radar as of yet. Let us know your needs and interests and we'll only forward relevant blogs. Email us.
  4.  We Stay at the Center of the Action with a Combination of Licensed Professionals and street smart paralegals.

    For accuracy, we use licensed professionals and for speed we keep representatives on the floor at Panama’s Public Registry and the Immigration office. That’s how we are the first to find out about changes and opportunities. We close monitor the pulse of the market for our clients to take quick and decisive action.
  5. We offer a Total Solution

    We regard the formation of a Panama IBC (abbreviation that stands for International Business Company) as only the beginning of a long relationship with you as our client. It makes good sense to impress you with impeccable service and unparalleled results in registering your Panama IBC so that you will return to us for all your Real Estate, Immigration, other general business needs as well as Yacht and Naval Registrations.

    Our other Services include preparing and registering Real Estate Deeds, Making Land Segregations, Building Permits, Community Design, Environmental Impact studies and other complex Real Estate transactions.

    All our services are implemented just as quickly and accurately as our incorporations and always at a price-service mix that cannot be matched anywhere else in Panama or the rest of the world. As a result, our clients could meet all their requirements in one place, save valuable time and stay focused in their core businesses.
  6. We make the most Efficient use of the latest Technologies

    Our clients don’t have to worry about missing deadlines for filing the required government returns and making their payments of government fees. We maintain a computerized client database with a redundant backup system and a program that issues automatic reminders thus eliminating any possibility of missing deadlines.
  7. Network for Tax Free International Income

    We all realize that "it's not what you know but who you know". So we offer opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world to exchange services, information and assistance with others who are willing to do the same.  There are many good reasons to become a client or a member of our team or to join our network.  We have made a list of the top 8 Benefits. If interested to be invited into our network  Tell us your needs and special skills.
  8.  Long term Profits through Trusted Relationships

    In Panama, there are so many opportunities for real estate acquisitions and other business opportunities at pennies on the dollar.

    Our “A” team is in the middle of the action, with all the data at our fingertips and a highly qualified network to sniff out the real deal from the flash in the pan.

    There are millions to be made through relationships based on trust and we are a clearing house for Uncompromising Integrity that we always consider to be the most precious asset in any Organization, Business, Group, Team or Family.
  9. You will be invited into the Only Guaranteed Risk Free Investment

    With inflation, bank failures and government confiscations, the phrase "it's like money in the bank" doesn't have the same meaning anymore. Nowadays there is no Risk Free investment. Unless, of course, we are talking about cash flow generating agricultural land bought at below market value prices.   Tell us about yourself and we can open the doors to investments that the elite have been making for the last 5 years.
  10. You will Learn How to Get Tax Free Residence on a Budget

    Most developed nations have become welfare states that are unable to service their debts. They are turning to their middle class and are imposing excessive taxation based on residency. The USA has already extended its grasp to include citizens that aren't even residents. There are many solutions for a second residence or passport that could suit everyone's needs and budget. Find the one solution that is tailor made for you.