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Introduce Me to a Panama Bank

If someone called you up and offered you monthly deposits of cash, would you hang up the phone?  We think we both know the answer to that question, so why do most people believe that banks in Panama require some sort of special introduction before even considering an account? 

We've had clients tell us stories about how they were told by other firms that "the banks don't want to hear from you directly" or "don't bother calling by yourself."  That's probably because if you actually DID take the time to call the bank, you'd see that 99% of the time, they will gladly open an account for you, provided you're willing to come to Panama.  Firms have crafted a veil over Panama banking that makes it seem like you must be one of the exclusive elite to open a simple bank account.  Although this might be true if you're looking for certain specialty services (see below), Panama banks didn't gain their notoriety by denying clients and closing their doors.

That's why we don't charge our clients for opening Panama bank accounts; the service comes free when you incorporate with us.

"So, why do I need YOU to open my Panama bank account?"

For starters, we provide the anonymous offshore structure that ensures your personal identity will remain private.  Without that, a Panama bank account would be just as good as a bank account in your country, because any auditor will link it back to you with ease. 

Second, many clients don't know the right things to say to a bank to make sure they don't trip an alarm that would either close the door totally or cause long delays.  Successfully opening bank accounts is our bread and butter, so you can rest assured we'll know exactly how to present your case to the bank executives.

Third, every case is special, and almost every client needs a creative way out of their problem.  Our specialty is conjuring up a solution for our clients when every other firm told them it can't be done.  Most clients that have dealt with other firms tell us how open and welcoming everything was at the beginning, until their first payment went through.  Then suddenly, steep requirements and long delays with no way out jaded their optimistic views of their offshore structure.  This is why many people have recently claimed that "offshore is a myth" that can never be done properly.  That statement is 100% true, if you're dealing with the wrong firm.

We'll only charge you if you want to open a bank account with an existing corporation from another firm.  The reason we charge is because, to be honest, when clients come with an existing corporation, many times we find that the corporation was formed improperly.  We've left numerous clients dumbfounded after presenting them with their publicly available personal information, even though their previous firm had assured them that their identity was completely "anonymous."  We'll do a free check up to make sure your corporation is error-free. (More info at Common Mistakes for Panama Corporations)

The only time that a bank will require an introduction with our due diligence as a certified introducer is when our clients have special requests including:

  • anonymous debit cards
  • anonymous credit cards
  • bank accounts in other jurisdictions for a layered offshore structure
  • back-to-back loans
  • avoid having to travel to Panama
  • anonymous bank account and other specialty services 

Otherwise, don’t believe the hype.  We'll make sure you can focus less on pricing so we can focus more on opening your bank account in Panama efficiently.