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Panama Company

People looking for a Panama corporation usually have many varied objectives in mind, but most needs can be fulfilled with these two options:

Anonymous Panama Company

This type of company is a good choice if your objective is to save taxes or protect your assets.  It is also the simplest to incorporate.  The actual owner of this company is not registered in any public records, and you are able to maintain your anonymity through the use of nominee directors.  Click to find out more about the Anonymous Panama Company.

Regular Panama Company

A regular Panama company requires you to provide the personal information of 3 directors, and it may be a suitable choice if anonymity is not important or in cases of acquiring fixed assets in Panama or operating a local business. This is also the option you would choose if you would prefer to provide your own nominee directors.  Click to find out more about the Regular Panama Company.

Panama Foundation

The Panama Foundation is recommended for asset protection and is especially suitable for inheritance cases. It is not designed for conducting day to day business operations. The foundation has a tremendous flexibility, requires a minimal amount of registered documentation and the actual owner does not appear in any public records. Click to find out more about the Panama Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Panama Companies


Why do I need nominee directors?

The truth is, there are some cases where you don’t need them at all, but for any case where you want total privacy and anonymity, they are an absolutely essential part of the offshore structure we provide.  For a more in-depth look, go to "Should I Be the Director of My Own Corporation?"


Do nominee directors have control over my corporation?

The short answer is no, they cannot do anything to influence your corporation in any way.  If you have some need for your nominee director to have control over certain aspects of the corporation, we can arrange it for you.  For more detailed information, take a look at Nominee Directors: Do They Have Control?


What should I look out for when incorporating in Panama?  What are some common mistakes that law firms make?

In Panama, a company is known as an “S.A.”, or Sociedad Anónima (translated literally to “anonymous company”).  However, the word “anonymous” is somewhat misleading, since only the shareholders are actually anonymous.  The corporation still needs 3 directors which serve as the front men, and their personal information is completely public.  This is why nominee directors are so commonly used in the formation of these corporations, so although the shareholders of an S.A. are indeed anonymous, we reserve the name “anonymous company” for companies that use nominee directors to completely mask the identity of our clients.  Head over to “Mistakes to Look Out For” for more info and case studies.