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  • Regular Panama Corporation


    A regular Panama company may be an indicated option if the anonymity is not important or in cases of acquisition of fixed assets in Panama or when operating local businesses.

    You must provide the name, address and passport copies of the directors (president, secretary and treasurer). According to Panama law, at least three directors are required. An individual of any nationality or country of residence may serve as director and may also occupy one, two or three positions of manager. In this way, a minimum of three individuals must be provided for the formation of this entity.

    Annual Renewal Fee: $500

  • Anonymous Panama Corporation


    An anonymous Panama corporation is different than a regular Panama corporation because in this case, we provide nominee directors. With this option, your personal information is not available in any government records, but you are still able to maintain full control of your corporation. The nominee directors have no control and can be replaced at any time. 

    This type of corporation is a good choice if your objective is to save taxes or protect your assets. The actual owner of this corporation is not registered in any public records. Ownership of the corporation is established with notarized Nominal Shares (but not publically Registered) and the shareholders have the absolute authority to control the directors, officers and assets of the corporation. The designated signing officer (must be different than the publically registered Directors, President, Secretary or Treasurer) is operating with a Power of Attorney that is only given to banks operating in jurisdictions under strict secrecy laws. Therefore, the identity of the signing officer cannot be revealed and is protected by law bearing criminal consequences for the bank officials if they attempt to release any private information. 

    The secrecy laws do not protect politicians and high ranking bureaucrats who have defrauded their countries and are hiding funds that have been embezzled.  The banks have regulations against accepting such funds.  Similarly, banks are strictly forbidden from accepting funds from the sale of arms, narcotics and the proceeds of other criminal activities.  The Panama Papers scandal was about these type of illegal activities that are an infinitesimal proportion of the millions of law abiding investors and business people who merely take advantage of asset protection laws.

    You do not need to travel to Panama to form an offshore corporation. We prefer chatting directly with our clients via email or live chat, which is why we request all the required info at after payment has been completed to expedite the process as much as possible.

    With an Anonymous Panama Corporation, your personal info will not be available anywhere in the government's public registry, which is why it is our simplest service. All we need is:

    • Your name
    • Desired name of the corporation

    After that, you'll consult with one of our Senior Offshore Analysts to devise a strategy and decide on the best bank for your needs.

    Annual Renewal Fee: $680

  • Panama Foundation


    A Panama Foundation is the ideal component of an Asset Protection strategy to maintain absolute invisibility of your property and related financial transactions. The Panama Foundation is not suitable for conducting continuous business activities but it is an ideal Asset Protection vehicle for holding real estate, other assets and corporations that are conducting profitable business activities. The Panama Foundation has tremendous flexibility, requires a minimum amount of registered documentation, has no owner and the individual who has full control of all transactions and activities does not appear in any public records.

    You do not need to travel to Panama to form a Panama Foundation. We communicate directly with our clients via email or live chat.

    With a Panama Foundation, your personal info will not be available anywhere in the government's public registry. All we need is:

    • Your name
    • Desired name of the foundation

    Click for more details about a Panama Foundation

    Annual Renewal Fee: $700

  • Anonymous Panama Corporation with a Panama Foundation


    The combination of an Anonymous Panama Corporación with a Panama Foundation provides a good basis for distancing accumulated assets from operating capital. This second degree of separation will give us time to keep your assets out of touch, save you legal fees and make your opponent's attorneys a little richer while wreaking havoc on your predatory attempts.

    Annual Renewal Fee: $1,350

  • Retiree Panama Immigration Residency Visa

    $795 + Government Fees

    To qualify for the Panama Retirement Visa, an individual should be at least 18 years of age and have proof from a foreign legal entity that they will be earning a monthly income of, at least, 1,000 USD for the rest of their life. The income of 1,000 USD per month for retirement in Panama is sufficient for one couple only.  For each dependent, who will retire in Panama with you, an additional income of 250 USD per month is required.  As dependents, can only be considered the Children of the couple up to the age of 18 or, if they are full-time post secondary education students, up to the age of 25.


    Find out more about Panama Retirement Visa.

  • Friendly Nations - Panama Immigration Residency Visa

    $995 + Government Fees

    Panama Immigration allows Citizens of Friendly Nations to be granted a Panama Residency Visa that leads to the Easiest Country to get Citizenship and a Panama Passport, if they can prove financial solvency and have economic or professional ties with Panama. For Panama Friendly Nations Visa financial solvency can be proven by depositing a minimum of 5,000 USD in a Panamanian bank account. An additional 2,000 USD must be deposited for each dependent that will obtain residency status but also qualify for Panama Citizenship as well as receive a Panama Passport with Panama Friendly Nations Visa. For the applicant to establish economic ties he must form a corporation that is registered to do business in Panama and be either a member of the Board of Directors or a majority shareholder.


    Find out more about Panama Friendly Nations Visa.

  • Reforestation Investors - Panama Immigration Residency Visa

    $2,500 + Government Fees

    The Panama Reforestation Visa can lead to full Panama citizenship with a Panama passport. Applicants may qualify when they invest a minimum of 80,000 USD in a Reforestation project that has no less than 5 hectares of forest land. An additional investment of 2,000 USD is required for every dependent who will be included in the visa application and will also obtain Panama Citizenship as well as a Panama Passport with Panama Reforestation Visa.

  • Foreign Professional - Panama Immigration Residency Visa

    $975.00 + Government Fees

    Panama Immigration allows Citizens of all nationalities to apply for a Foreign Professional Panama Residency Visa if they have a university diploma in a career that's not in their long list of exclusions. Most notably Marketing, Social Media Management, Business / Government & Banking administration are not excluded as well as various other sub-specializations such as Logistics, Marine Technology, Oceanography, Instrumentation, Bio-tech, Material Handling, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and a host of other sub-fields that may be deemed appropriate by Panama's National Universities. To establish professional ties, the applicant must hold a work permit, have a social security card and provide proof of employment by a Panamanian company.


    Find out more about Panama Foreign Professional Visa.

  • Agricultural Investor Residency Visa Legal Fees for Stages One & Two

    $2900.00 + Government Fees

    Applicants making a passive investment of 60,000 USD in Panama agricultural projects, aquaculture or farms may qualify for an Agricultural Investor Panama Residency Visa. The maximum period for temporary residency under the Panama Agricultural Investor Residency Visa is 6 years and the temporary residency permit must be extended every 2 years. An additional investment of 500 USD is required for each dependent. This Panama Residency Visa option qualifies for funding and has various other incentives that make it the obvious easy solution for ecologically minded business people or professionals who are aspiring to get involved with growing, distributing and exporting healthy, nutritious, non-GMO, chemical free, organic food.


    Find out more about Panama Agricultural Investor Visa.

  • Domestic Worker Residency Visa Legal Fees

    $500.00 + Government Fees

    Any Panamanian national or a Panama temporary or permanent resident can hire a foreigner to work as a Maid, Gardener, Cook, Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Butler or Nanny. These workers will have a Panama Residency Domestic Worker Visa for one year and be eligible to receive up to 4 extensions, provided that the applicant continues to work for the same employer.


    Find out more about Panama Domestic Worker Visa.

  • Panama University Studies for a Residency Visa Legal Fee

    $500.00 + Government Fees

    An applicant may be eligible for a Panama Residency Student Visa for one year and be eligible to receive up to 6 extensions, provided that the applicant continues to attend a post secondary institution that is approved by the Ministry of Education.


    Find out more about Panama Student Visa.

An audit-proof offshore structure is not limited to forming a corporation and opening a bank account. We offer a highly individualized service that is masterminded by Offshore Analysts that will study your particular needs, devise a strategy and assign to the lawyers, bankers and accountants the tasks corresponding to their fields of expertise.

The first step is an informal conversation to understand your needs and decide if we can be of service. We can use our Live Chat, Skype, you can call us or we'll call you.

Once you make the decision to become our client, you will make a choice from one of the following options:





Private Interest Foundation
Foundation & Bank Account
Save on Taxes Legally N/A YES YES YES
Expand your business and investments into a freer, more prosperous economic environment  N/A YES YES YES
Get free advice before starting to form your corporation N/A N/A YES YES
Design your strategy to withstand audit in your country of residence N/A N/A YES YES
Maintain your privacy by not having to provide any more information than the bare minimum necessary to achieve your objectives N/A YES YES YES
Protect your assets from government seizures, lawsuits or an estranged spouse N/A YES YES YES
Don’t overpay for quality service YES YES YES YES
Free Assistance to Panama Residents with Opening an Account with a Bank in Panama YES YES YES YES
Rest assured that your money is safe with a solid bank YES YES N/A YES
Fast Bank Account Opening YES YES N/A YES
Account opening without having to visit the bank YES YES N/A YES
Bank-Issued Debit or Credit Cards YES YES N/A YES
Online banking service with the ability to send international transfers YES YES N/A YES
Multi-currency Accounts YES YES N/A YES
Minimum initial deposit of only $500 US YES YES N/A YES
No services charges for a minimum account balance of only $500 US YES YES N/A YES
Our Associated Banks…        
... are cash-rich and without the frequent failures of banks that are overextended with commercial loans and mortgages. YES YES N/A YES
... have strict secrecy laws. YES YES N/A YES
... are protected from predatory attacks from outside their jurisdictions. YES YES N/A YES
... are less likely to yield to pressures from foreign jurisdictions if there is no proof of serious criminal activity. YES YES N/A YES
... don’t require an introduction to open an account if the client is a resident. YES YES N/A YES
Some exceptions apply for US Citizens $500 $700 $1,200
add $100

for a Foundation
add $100

for a Foundation

Services and Fees Policy

We are a boutique financial network bent on collaboration and sustainability.  Our modest pricing structure should give a good indication that we are not a legal factory expecting to make most of our profits from the execution of relatively straight forward administrative law. Since many of our clients are international lawyers operating outside of Panama, we have to charge a little less than the industry standard for the admin work.  We think that it’ll be lame to put up an extensive price list of all we can do for you.  Naturally, we do all administrative legal work ranging from the director changes to the document translations but our prices vary depending on the particular case.  Your cause is also a factor because we find time to do Pro Bono work for projects that must be done.  The only certainty is that you’ll always pay less than the industry standard.  If you must know an exact number, do a Google search of “Offshore services” and select any law firm that shows an itemized price list.  Then reduce their prices by 20% to 30% and that’s the most that you’ll ever be charged by us.

When you chat with one of our senior Offshore Analysts, you’ll recognize that we are the premier strategists for the formation of effective offshore structures because w.  In most cases, this process involves much more than forming a corporation and opening a bank account. A sound business plan, supported by a well thought out documentation and a paper trail - supplemented with cost effective licensing and other ‘props’ - paves the way to a certain victory. That’s what we do best and we always aspire to help our clients elevate their operations to new levels of profitability.  Our financial gain comes from becoming an indispensable part of our clients’ success. As a boutique network of international specialists, we begin where the large international law conglomerates have to stop even if you are willing to pay them their five digit fees.  In the classic case of David versus Goliath, we have access to the same resources without their heavy fixed costs but with infinitely more flexibility to turn on a dime.

Assisting our clients in the new economies, where winner takes all, we have no time to nickel and dime you with the admin costs.  During these unpredictable times, we just give you the bottom line and remain focused on pushing forward those entrepreneurs that are poised to dominate rather than crawl and wait for something good to happen.


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So that you can put us to the test, we offer you a free, no obligation consultation with one of our offshore specialists that will determine the best way to help you.

During this consultation, you can evaluate if we are your best choice.