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Should I Be the Director of My Own Corporation?

The answer to this question depends completely on your situation, and a definitive answer can only be given if you explain your situation to us during a no-obligation consultation.  Keep in mind that becoming the director of your own corporation completely forfeits all of the anonymous benefits of a corporation with nominee directors.  As a general rule, we have outlined some common scenarios for when you should and shouldn't assign yourself as the director of your Panama corporation:

Cases where you should use nominee directors:

  • You are interested in legally saving on taxes
  • You wish to protect your assets from the government, auditors, or a spouse
  • You do not want the corporation linked back to you in any way

Cases where it's okay to be the director of your own Panama corporation:

  • You plan on conducting business in Panama
  • You plan on purchasing assets in Panama
  • You plan to live or are currently living in Panama
  • You need special licensing for a Panama business

If you are interested in maintaining anonymity but you want trusted acquaintances to be the directors of your corporation, you can also provide your own directors.