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Offshore Wealth Web showed me a code in US tax Law that we used with my new structure that reduced my effective tax rate on passive income from 40% to 10% and also saved me $15,000 per year in accounting fees. No wonder my (ex) accountant didn't take the initiative to show me this loophole that would have made him obsolete since I now have no need to fight with the IRS over qualified deductions.

B. K. Santa Barbara, CA



"The personal attention I have received from Panama Offshore Worldwide was outstanding..."

A little testimony for you, sorry if it's not perfect English. After many research on internet to decide with who I will work to open my Panamanian society, I have many skype contacts with few society who offer this type of service. I have found that Panama Offshore Worldwide was the one who gave me the best info, and even better they anticipated things for me, and suggested to me what was the best structure for my type of need. The offered to create my foundation without going to panama, but I preferred to go directly to Panama and meet the people from Panama Offshore Worldwide and also be introduced to the admin of the bank we chose to make business with. The personal attention I have received from Panama Offshore Worldwide was outstanding, and I will definitely use their service again to help me with my future projects. Thanks Ariana.

Aquarian International Foundation


When I was fighting civil litigation to defend the assets that were protected by my Panamanian foundation, the attorneys and nominated directors did not take advantage of the situation and provided me with all the documents requested by the judge without compromising my privacy or risking the loss of my assets .

R.H. New York